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Comprehensive Medical Staffing Code of Business Ethic


Purpose: The purpose of the written code of ethics is to define accepted acceptable behavior, provide a higher and to establish a frame work for professional behavior and responsibilities.


Policy Statement: Comprehensive Medical Staffing will conduct its business honestly and ethically wherever we operate in the world. We will constantly improve the quality of our services, products and operations and will create a reputation for honesty, fairness, respect, responsibility, integrity, trust and sound business judgment. No illegal or unethical conduct on the part of officers, directors, employees or affiliates is in the company’s best interest.  Comprehensive Medical Staffing will not compromise its principles for short-term advantage. The ethical performance of this company is the sum of the ethics of the men and women who work here. Thus, we are all expected to adhere to high standards of personal integrity.


Personal Interests

Officers, directors, and employees of the company must never permit their personal interests to conflict, or appear to conflict, with the interests of the company, its clients or affiliates. Officers, directors and employees must be particularly careful to avoid representing Comprehensive Medical Staffing in any transaction with others with whom there is any outside business affiliation or relationship. Officers, directors, and employees shall avoid using their company contacts to advance their private business or personal interests at the expense of the company, its clients or affiliates.


Business Activity

No bribes, kickbacks or other similar remuneration or consideration shall be given to any person or organization in order to attract or influence business activity. Officers, directors and employees shall avoid gifts, gratuities, fees, bonuses or excessive entertainment, in order to attract or influence business activity.



Officers, directors and employees of Comprehensive Medical Staffing will often come into contact with, or have possession of, proprietary, confidential or business-sensitive information and must take appropriate steps to assure that such information is strictly safeguarded. This information—whether it is on behalf of our company or any of our clients or affiliates—could include strategic business plans, operating results, marketing strategies, customer lists, personnel records, upcoming acquisitions and divestitures, new investments, and manufacturing costs, processes and methods. Proprietary, confidential and sensitive business information about this company, other companies, individuals and entities should be treated with sensitivity and discretion and only be disseminated on a need-to-know basis.

Officers, directors and employees will refrain from gathering competitor intelligence by illegitimate means and refrain from acting on knowledge which has been gathered in such a manner. The officers, directors and employees of Comprehensive Medical Staffing will seek to avoid exaggerating or disparaging comparisons of the services and competence of their competitors.


Equal Employment Opportunity

The company provides equal employment opportunities (EEO) to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age or handicap.

The Company prohibits any form of unlawful employee harassment based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age or handicap or any other verbal and/or physical conduct of a sexual or otherwise offensive nature.

Officers, directors and employees will remain personally balanced so that their personal life will not interfere with their ability to deliver quality products or services to the company and its clients.

Officers, directors and employees agree to disclose unethical, dishonest, fraudulent and illegal behavior, or the violation of company policies and procedures, directly to management.



Guidelines for Appropriate Conduct

The following is a list of types of unacceptable conduct. The list is meant to provide examples of improper conduct that could lead to disciplinary action. It is not meant to be a complete list.

• Insubordination

• Falsification of records or any report including but not limited to employment applications, injury reports, expense reports and time keeping records

• Horseplay or unnecessary rowdy conduct on Company property or the property of others including our clients

• Harassing, threatening, intimidating or fighting with fellow employees or clients

• Removal of the personal property of a co-worker, removal or use of Company or customer property without written permission

• Possession or any firearm, explosive, or dangerous weapon on company or client’s property

• Use, possession, or sale or illegal drugs or alcohol while on company property, or reporting to work under the influence of liquor or illegal drugs

• Willful or negligent damage to company, client or employee property

• Sleeping during scheduled work hours

• Creating or contributing to unsanitary conditions

• Unsatisfactory job performance

• Failure to return to work following a leave of absence

• Unauthorized disclosure of confidential information belonging to the Company or its clients

• Solicitation of a client of the Company for your own personal gain or profit while you are employed by the Company


Alcohol and Drug-Free Work Environment

It is the policy of the Company to create a drug-free environment in keeping with the spirit and intent of the Law. The unlawful manufacturing, distribution, dispensation, processing, sale, or use of controlled substances in the workplace or while conducting Company business outside of the Company’s office is strictly prohibited.


Substance Abuse Policy

It is the purpose of Comprehensive Medical Staffing to help provide a drug free environment for our clients and our employees. With this goal and because of the serious drug abuse problem in today’s workplace, we are establishing the following policy for existing and future employees of Comprehensive Medical Staffing.


Comprehensive Medical Staffing explicitly prohibits:

The use, possession, solicitation for or sale of narcotics or other illegal drugs, alcohol, or prescription medication without a prescription on company or customer premises or while performing on a job assignment.

Being impaired or under the influence of legal or illegal drugs or alcohol off the company or customer premises that adversely affects the employees work performance, his or her own  or other’s safety at the workplace, or the employer’s reputation.


Pre-Employment: As required by the employer

For Cause: When it is the company’s belief that a drug problem exists such as evidence of drugs, accidents, injuries in the workplace, fights or other behavioral symptoms of drug abuse, negative performance patterns, excessive absenteeism or tardiness, for-cause testing will be utilized.

Employees of Comprehensive Medical Staffing who refuse to submit to drug testing and test positive or admit to substance abuse will be subject to termination. In addition, employees of Comprehensive Medical Staffing who test positive or admit to substance abuse will be reported to the appropriate licensing board. The results of all drug testing will be treated confidentially, and for no purpose other than for to make employment related decisions.


Email/Voice-Mail and Electronic Communications Acknowledgment

Company computers, the email system, and the internet access system are company property and should be used solely for company purposes. Personal use of company computers, the email system, and the internet access system is strictly prohibited.

Comprehensive Medical Staffing reserves the right to access the email system and the internet access system from time to time without notice.   Comprehensive Medical Staffing has the right in the ordinary course of business to monitor any and all information in this system including printing and reading all E-Mail, listening to all voice mail and reading any and all information stored on the computer or on the electronic communications systems of the company.

Telephones which are provided by the company should be used for business purposes only. Management retains the right in the ordinary course of business to monitor telephone conversation at any time management deems appropriate.

Internet access should be used for business purposes only and should not be used for visiting sites unrelated to business and/or conducting personal business. Comprehensive Medical Staffing prohibits the viewing, downloading, transmitting or storing of any adult-orientated (pornographic) and/or obscene materials on Comprehensive Medical Staffing’s electronic communications system. Other activities also prohibited include but not limited to:

• Downloading of applications or non-business related data

• Violation of any copyrighted material found on the web

• Participation in Web-Based Surveys unless prior written approval has been granted

• Use of subscription based services without prior approval


Cell Phone Usage

It is the policy of Comprehensive Medical Staffing to provide a pleasant and safe work environment for its employees. This policy is intended to control the manner and means under which any employee may utilize a cellular telephone for a telephonic conversation, whether such telephone is issued by the Company or personally owned by the employee, during regular company hours.

• If the Company has issued a cellular telephone to an employee or if an employee brings a privately owned cellular telephone, the employee is only authorized to use the cellular telephone for a telephonic conversation for Company business during normal working hours or to return a phone call when carrying a company designated pager after business hours.

• During working hours, no employee is authorized to use the cellular telephone for a telephonic conversation, whether such telephone is issued by the Company or personally owned. The only exception would be on employee lunch or scheduled breaks.

• If it is necessary to use a Company issued or privately owned cellular telephone for a telephonic conversation at any time for Company business and during the employee’s normal working hours, the employee must utilize the telephone outside of a patient care area, and the use of the telephone must be discreet.

• The Company reserves the right to monitor employee compliance with this policy through appropriate means, including, but not limited to, vehicular surveillance, monitoring of telephonic conversations, and auditing of records reflecting use of cellular telephones during the employees normal working hours. By accepting a Company owned cellular telephone or utilizing a personally owned cellular telephone on Company business, the employee consents to the Company’s right to conduct monitoring to determine employee compliance.

• This policy is intended to comply with existing federal, state or local laws and regulations which may control the usage of a cellular telephone during the employee’s normal working hours. The Company reserves the right to amend or modify this policy at any time to comply with any such federal, state or local law or regulation which controls the usage of cellular telephones while on Company business and during normal working hours. This policy shall be deemed to be amended or modified to comply with such federal, state or local law or regulation which controls the usage of cellular telephones while on Company business and during normal working hours.

• Any employee who fails to comply with this policy will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination for any violation.


Sexual Harassment Policy

This policy confirms the commitment of Comprehensive Medical Staffing to promote a safe and comfortable workplace for all employees which is free from any form of sexual harassment.

Comprehensive Medical Staffing is committed to operate within the provisions of the law and harassment will not be tolerated in any form. Any acts of harassment will result in disciplinary actions and Comprehensive Medical Staffing will investigate all allegations of inappropriate comments or conduct promptly and fairly.

All managers of Comprehensive Medical Staffing have a responsibility to stop harassment. If a manager becomes aware of harassment anywhere within the company, that manager must take immediate action to eradicate the problem whether or not a complaint has been made.

Harassment may be identified as any behavior that embarrasses or humiliates a person and that a reasonable person should have known to be unwelcome. It includes offensive comments related to sex or conduct, such as, touching or displays of inappropriate materials, such as, posters of a sexual nature.

Harassment may occur in the workplace itself or it may occur outside of the workplace in a situation that is in some way connected to work. This could include off-site conferences or company sponsored events.

A consensual romantic relationship entered into by mutual agreement would not be sexual harassment. However, if one employee ends the relationship and the other person persists in trying to continue the relationship, then this is harassment. Also, office bantering back and forth where everyone involved is in agreement is not harassment. However, if one person enters the group and is uncomfortable with this exchange and the others should have known the person was uncomfortable, then the banter becomes harassment.

Employees are encouraged to speak up if someone behaves in a way that offends, humiliates or degrades them. Tell the person responsible the behavior is inappropriate. If the behavior continues report the matter to a manager or, where appropriate, file a formal complaint. Also, employees should offer support to a co-worker where you observe harassment. Depending on the circumstances, you may talk with either of the parties involved or talk directly to a manager of

Comprehensive Medical Staffing. Further, all employees have a responsibility to promote a safe work environment by co-operating in the investigation of the harassment complaint.


Employees should record events of harassment in writing and by talking with a trusted friend. The records should document the nature of the offensive behavior, the date it happened, where it happened, who else was present and may have observed the behavior, how you responded, and how you felt. If you write a letter to the person or persons responsible, date the letter and keep a copy.

All managers at Comprehensive Medical Staffing are responsible for enforcing company policy on harassment. Where appropriate, an employee may request a manager to intervene by mediation. Alternatively, where the perpetrator rejects mediation an employee may file a formal written complaint by contacting any Officer of Comprehensive Medical Staffing.  Any Officer of Comprehensive Medical Staffing is the person designated within to investigate formal complaints of harassment and to follow through on appropriate disciplinary action which may include dismissal depending on the seriousness of the harassment. Comprehensive Medical Staffing may also deem it necessary to obtain outside counsel.  


Records of substantiated harassment complaints will be placed on the employees file and the parties will be advised of the outcome of the investigation and of any action taken in the matter.

Retaliation against a person who has filed a complaint, or who has assisted in the investigation of a complaint, will not be tolerated in any form and will result in serious disciplinary action. A person who has filed a complaint with the Manager at Comprehensive Medical Staffing and encounters retaliation should inform the President immediately.

Employees are encouraged to keep the information confidential to prevent a poisoned work environment. Also, nothing in this policy of Comprehensive Medical Staffing would prevent any employee from filing a complaint with the Human Rights Commission. Complaints to the Commission must be made within 6 months of the event.
















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